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Thread: Really important please read

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    HI, is there any way of compressing a swf file once you have made it, because on of mine is 135 kb big but takes 2 long to load, is there anyway of halfing it.
    Thanks for you time

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    Rather not. .swf files are compresed by itself. If you work with 3dfa you can easily change the compression depth of sounds and graphics.
    I think it is not bad idea to take a closer look at imported elements (graphisc, sounds). And befor import - optimize it (for example: decrease # of colors in gifs)

    In general: compresing compresed files usually produce bigger ones.

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    This would be easier if I could see your file.

    Things that add size.
    1. Shadows.
    2. Text effects.
    3. large images.

    To test what is creating your size problem
    save your movie with a new name with different elements and effects deleted.

    Once you identify the problem -- resolve it.


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