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Thread: Help me spin discs plz

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    Howdy folks. i was mocking up my personal web page in photoshop the other day, getting ready to put the index page together in flash. I finally got a design I was happy with, and I though the animation would be simple, but I'm having trouble.

    Take a look at this image http://users.rcn.com/rmkerr/spinningdiscs.jpg

    I would like this group of discs to rotate counter clock wise continuously, fading in at point A and out at point B. As you can see I also want to the shape to tween slightly as it moves.

    I have no problem doing this with one disc, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it with several at once. I used a motion guide to get the single disc spinning. To add more to the motion guide required me, i think, to stagger there places in the timeline. This works fine until you get to the end of the time line and the animation as to start over again, causing it to "skip". I would likw for this clip to rotate continuously and smoothly. Thanks alot!

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    Ok, i think i might need to clarify exactly what i mean.

    Here we have some balls just rotating around


    simple enough.

    This is what i want all those balls to do.


    I think i see how I have to do this. I guess, using the swf from discs1.html, i have to put a keyframe in each time line at the point where I want the balls to expand or change alpha. i think this is gonna get a litttle sloppy trying to work with all those balls at once. it was enough of a pain getting them all spaces nice to make it look even. Hopefully someone has some advice.

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    Hello? Is my dilema incredibly lame or incredibly hard? Anyone have any ideas? Is it worth replying? Can noone figure it out? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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    put each one on a different layer. flash doesnt tween things well when there is more than one thing being tweened on a layer.

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    Thaks alot for the response bruce. I already had them on two layers.
    Based on this clip


    ...what if i had one instance of this clip, followed by another instance of that clip with some delay, followed by another, and another....until I had enough. Does anyone think that would work? Can anyone help with scripts I need to test it out?

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    if you have an movie clip of that single animation.
    make a new movie clip place as many as instances of the original mc in it as you want one per layer.
    figure out how many frames delay you would need between them starting to get the spread you need. (lets say for this example its 5 frames)

    now with your actionscript window open select the second disc.
    add this

    onClipEvent (load) {

    now select the 3rd disc

    onClipEvent (load) {

    and so on.
    disc one needs no code as it just starts at frame 1.
    each will start playing from that frame thus putting them in sequence.
    Of course for it to work just right your delay is a even division of the legnth of your disc mc. You may have to adjust its length slightly to make it evenly divisble by the number of discs desired.

    good luck

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    You are a prince! Thank you.


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