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Thread: How to do this real cool effect ?

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    Aug 2002
    hi guys, visit this site http://www.yulia-nau.de/eng.htm

    notice the navigation bar?
    okay, when u first enter the site, after its full loaded, wait for about 5 secs, then try to move your mouse right-left, left-right, on the navigation bar.

    See the cool effect on top? where the images of the lady moves around, very SMOOTHLY, according to your mouse.

    Now, how they do that ??

    Thanks, guys!

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    Aug 2002
    anyone ??

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    I guess there are many images on different layers in different movie clips. Then, according to mouse position, the various images are faded in and out using alpha transparency. The images are motion blurred in photoshop beforehand in order to make the motion seem more smooth. Pretty impressive though, I like it!

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    ooooo my good that is the cooelest thing ever *sigh*
    thats actionscript for sure - very complex.
    havent a clue how it would have been scripted.

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