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    Just a quick question are those 2 products (flix and Sorenson Squeeze) are doing the same thing?, i plan to get Squeeze but i have noticed that Flix can do the job as well to compress videos as a swf format.

    Thanks for the info


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    I personally like Sorenson Squeeze but Wildform Flix is good product as well:




    Sorenson Squeeze for Macromedia Flash MX Features

    Two-Pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) Compression
    Squeeze supports Two-pass VBR, which produces higher-quality video than does standard compression while only adding slightly more processing time.

    Stitching for Large SWF Files
    The stitching feature takes larger files and breaks them into smaller SWF files. The stitched files then play in succession like one long movie instead of a series of short videos.

    Intelligent Presets
    Squeeze includes optimized presets for connections ranging from modem to high-quality CD delivery. Squeeze also lets advanced users customize their settings.

    DV Capture
    Squeeze captures digital video through any DV source, whether it is a digital video camera or an analog-to-digital converter.

    Batch Processing through Watch Folders
    Squeeze saves you time by using Watch folders to process multiple files.

    Adjustable Cropping
    Squeeze's cropping ability allows you to "cut out" undesirable areas within your video.

    Audio/Video Filters
    With Squeeze, users get maximum flexibility with advanced control of audio/video parameters such as:

    Inverse Telecine
    Inverse telecine maintains video quality by removing the extra frames that are added when film (24 frames per second) is transferred to video (30 frames per second).

    Fade in/out
    Fade in/out lets you create a black or white fade-in segment at the beginning or end of your movie.

    Smoothing evens out blocky edges for low data rate video.

    Audio Normalization
    Squeeze analyzes your video to find the loudest sound and then adjusts the audio to maximum volume.

    Video Noise Reduction
    The video noise reduction feature reduces video noise in your content without causing it to sound fuzzy. Reducing noise increases video encoding quality.

    Squeeze's deinterlacing features make your video look better by removing interlacing artifacts caused by the two fields per frame nature of conventional video.

    White/Black Restore
    Squeeze gives you the option to control the levels of white and black in your video.

    Support for Macromedia Flash .SWF and .FLV File Formats
    Squeeze is the first tool that allows you to create rich video content for Macromedia Flash.

    Support for QuickTime .MOV Movie Files.
    Squeeze lets you output video in Apple's popular QuickTime .MOV file format.

    Sorenson Vcast Integration
    Squeeze with Spark Pro also provides integration into Sorenson Media's Vcast automated hosting services. Vcast allows you to easily and affordably deliver rich media content to anyone, anywhere in the world over the Web.

    System Requirements

    Sorenson Spark is available in both Standard and Pro Editions. The Standard Edition is included inside Macromedia Flash MX. The Pro Edition is part of Sorenson Squeeze and is sold separately. The Flash MX Player 6 supports output of Spark Standard and Spark Pro compression.
    Power PC with G3 processor or greater
    Mac OS 9.1 or later
    Pentium II-based PC or greater
    MS Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP
    128 MB RAM
    QuickTime 5

    Sorenson Squeeze Encoders

    Sorenson Video 3 Standard Edition for .MOV file format output
    Sorenson Spark Professional Edition for .SWF and .FLV file format output
    Fraunhofer MP3
    Qualcomm PureVoice
    QDesign Music 2
    Apple IMA

    Sorenson Squeeze Formats



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    Nice job E!

    I downloaded the Demo last night and found Flix to be a bit less intuitive then Sorenson, but I like many of the features Sorenson has neglected to add that are included with Flix.

    So far I'm finding better quality with Sorenson, but it may just be that I need more time with Flix to get it down. There are many things you can do with Flix that you can't do with Sorenson, most importantly - Flix allows you to prepare files for Flash 3-5 - pretty cool. I also like the vector conversion and scripting features. Flix definitely gives you more control, but that does translate into more complexity when choosing your settings.

    Both tools have their merits, it really depends on the job you need to do. I'm usually working with video files prepared with Sorenson or Sorenson 3, and all of my work has been in MX - so I like Spark Pro. But I can certainly see where Flix can be a great tool as well. I can see the need for having both tools on my machine.

    BTW - make sure you don't have both programs open at the same time or you will have problems.


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    Jonathan from Wildform chiming in here.
    Squeeze is a great product and the folks at Sorenson have made great contributions to the world of web video.
    However, I have to respectfully point out that Flix has many, many more features than Squeeze. In addition to our 2-pass VBR MX video output, Flix also offers: encoding twice as many formats, vector video output, Flash 3-6 output, editing, the ability to output your video in a custom player automatically, lots of built in SWF functions like variables, links, and actions, and extra outputs like win and mac projectors, html files, and so on.
    There are free demos of both pieces of software and I suggest you try them out and make your own decision.

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