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Thread: blur questions

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    I have 2 things to ask about bluring, the first is something ive never been able to figure out how to do and that is to blur part of an image and fade the blur part into the rest of image, how can i do that? ive tryed feathering the selection i blurred but the feather just goes inwards and not outwards?
    also is there a way to blur using the airbrushes? kinda like airbrushing with a colour but this time the airbrush is bluring the image, does that make sense?

    Thanks anyone


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    1. if u would like a motion blur to a still image, repeat the original blur, and do a motion blur on that layer. then in the original layer, add a layer mask to it, and do a gradient, being that translated to a alpha channel that is only used to the original layer (being black 0% opacity and white 100%)

    2. there's a tool in PS that either as a drop shape (blur) or a triangle shape (sharpen)

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    thanks the first one works good, i dont quite get the second one though, what exactly are these tools?



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    A1: http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...4&pagenumber=2

    A2: Funnily enough it's called the 'blur tool'. Press 'R' in photoshop. it's the one under the eraser, looks like a water drop.

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