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Thread: (i'm back!!!) and having a question on vectorizing anime

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    its been a long while... hope some of u guys still remember me my anime drawing skills have stagnated for a while =(

    just finished my thesis. A 2.5D animation system using vc++ took a while.. made some anime with it too now im working as a web developer.

    i noticed the traced anime drawings in the movies/anime/characters sections and they are really good. I admire the one with the girl on the motorbike... really cool

    what methods are used to vectorize / redraw these anime characters? do you redraw them from high res or low res bitmaps? any tutorials site?

    btw you know where i could find good tutorials in coloring anime (i.e correct placement of light and shadows etc...) i've seen some pretty good anime style coloring but somehow i cant grasp the satin'y and somehow soft effect of japanese CG coloring =)


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    well you could always select a bitmap and go modify>trace bitmap and then have it vectorize it for you, u could say! I just trace over my characters.. not to mention spending lotsa time doing it too! maybe make a big pic and then scale it down when it's in vectors... just a thought!

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    Your best way is to do a hand-trace with either the pen or brush tool (probably better served by the pen tool, tho) in Flash or a vector program (I use Illustrator). The resolution of your bitmap shouldn't matter much since you'll be getting rid of it after you do the trace; but you'll probably want to start with a relatively high-resolution scan 300-600 dpi, depending on how much detail you need and whether or not you'll be resizing the character) to be able to zoom in and get a more accurate trace.

    http://www.polykarbon.com has some pretty good drawing/coloring tutorials for anime, and I'm sure others can give you more advice. The battleseed guys a while back had put together a really good coloring in Flash tutorial, I'll see if I can pull that one up as well.

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