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Thread: Weird Image Scrolling Problem - Bug??

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    I'm creating a photo showcase where I have a series of images lined up end-to-end horizontally. To view them, you just move the mouse left or right to scroll them (kind of like a panorama).

    What's happening is this:

    Due to the size and number of pictures, the actual movie clip containing the pictures extends off the end of the Flash stage. When I render out the movie, all the pictures that don't fit on the stage come out as horizontal bars of color!

    Here's the SWF file for this, so you can see what I mean:


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    You should try putting the pictures inside a movieclip. They don't have a stage, so you don't need to worry about it. (However the horizontal lines are a bit unusual)

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    Unfortunatel, they already are inside a movie clip - which is what makes even stranger to me....

    I actually did come up with a work-around a little while ago: Since the images are all going to be static, I just pieced all the images together into one huge, long Photoshop file, and it worked fine.

    However, that solution may not work in other situations - for instance, if the pics needed to be dynamically loaded or manipulated - so I'd really like to know why Flash is doing this, and how to stop it.

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    The width of the movieClip might be too large. Could you scale it smaller and zoom it back later ?

    I dont know the why there are stripes. Did you break-apart the movieClip ?

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    Nothing is broken apart. Even if you shrink it down to 10% size (so it all fits in the stage) it doesn't come out.

    Here's how I made the Photos movie clip:

    1) Created a new movie clip
    2) Imported the JPEG images
    3) Arranged the images horizontally as shown

    That's it - no masks, crops, effects, nothing! That's what's driving me crazy! I've even tried doing with "imported JPEG" data and without.

    Is there anything in the Flash documentation about maximum movie clip dimensions?

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    The width of stage is limited to 2880 pixels. I dont know the limit for movieClip.

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