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Thread: swift 3d vs plasma vs 3Ds max (wiv a flash plugin)

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    b4 i spend precious money, i thought id come on here and ask u 3d boffins which is better. money and learning curve aside, which is the all round best for doin 3d in flash?
    cheers folks

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    depends on wat u wanna do with it, wat u already have etc...

    if ya don't have any of them...

    1. u wanna do 3D webgraphic only, not complex designs - go for Swift3D. (although v3 supposed to have raster output but still not sure about the modelling tools)

    2. u wanna do web3D and raster3D with more complex design but don't have thousands of dollars to spend then go for Plasma.

    3. u wanna do both web and raster 3D and got the dollars to spend then go for 3DMAX with Flash plugin.

    hope that clear things up a bit

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    yeah thanks...... with 3dsmax, how does the plugin work? do i need other software or anything?

    is swift 3d max any good?

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    swift3d MAX renders the same as the standalone. you install the max plugin, as you would any other plugin. you model within max, as you normally would, but when you render, you change your production renderer to Swift3D, and you output to flash.

    that means, you have access to the same modelling tools as max, but you output to flash via the plugin.

    hope that helps.

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    yeah thanks a lot

    so is my best bet for gettin the best results 3dsmax and swift mx?..... its a lotta dosh but if its gunna get me quality, is that what im after?

    hey, has anyone else realised how much of a legend gerbick is with 3d?... av u got a site? cos u seem to know a lot about it.

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    not a legend, by no means... I reserve the legendary status to Pope de Flash and the excellent, but no longer here, theMatrix...

    I thought you already had Max. If you do, I truly suggest going that way... with the plugin.

    then again... there is the question of what do you want to do? I mean... simple geometry, stick with the standalone version of Swift.

    and if you are doing more complex stuff, then a modeller and the plugin. Whether it's 3ds max, which is $3500.00 USD, Softimage XSI, which is about $3000.00 USD, or lightwave, which is about $1500.00 USD. all of which, eRain has plugins.

    or, you could look at discreet's plasma. it's $650.00. it's a cool application as well.

    and don't forget, that eRain is also releasing Swift3D 3.0 very soon!

    wanna win plasma? for free? go here and register... and tell 'em gerbick sent you

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