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Thread: XML in real Doc and Flash XML Problem

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    Hi all

    I have a logical question

    In real XML there's only one parent

    and all children and fristChild into it .

    this call Root Element that's it OK

    in Flash we have Instance Object is this the parent ?

    because when we parser or invoking method

    we call the Root Element of External Document


    also in Real Document the Root Elementdoesn't have sibling

    but in flash has

    so what's the differences between them ?

    someone give at least brief description


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    I have got the Answer

    and it's so simple

    the Root Element in External XML

    will be the firstChild of Instance Object

    for example in XML document name (doc) you have this

    I will post the script without tags

    maybe interpreter them when they exsit here (^%^) I guss so

    parent !-- Root Element --

    name loyal /name !-- firstChild --

    /parent !-- closing tag --

    so when we load this doc to

    flash by this

    myObject = new XML();

    and what ever



    myObject.firstChild.nodeName;// display parent

    by this we can make this conception

    parent in XML is fristChild in Instance Object in Flash

    correct me if I am wrong (*&*)
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