Has anyone tried flash remoting yet? Well, here is my problem. I have a web service and a flash client that use flash remoting to communicate. I've copied flashgateway.dll file to bin direcotry for the service, however, when I run .aspx file I get this error message:

Parser Error
Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: File or assembly name flashgateway, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Source Error:

Line1: Page language="c#" debug="true"
Line 2: Register TagPrefix="Macromedia" Namespace="FlashGateway" Assembly="flashgateway"
Line 3: Macromedia:Flash ID="Flash" Runat="Server"

Can anyone help me with this? I am 100% positive that it has something to do with flashgateway.dll file. Thanks.