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Thread: Problems viewing Flash MX Video

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    I launched a flash mx video on our company intranet and received some emails from users saying that the video would hang after 30 seconds.

    I'm trying to gauge right now just what percentage of users are experiencing problems. Hopefully, it's just a few.

    If it's just a small group, I'm wondering if the users having the problem have an early Flash 6 player and need to update to at least revision 40.

    My question is, how can I find out what revision they currently have? If they right click on the flash movie, all it's going to say is that they have Flash 6, right? Is there a date and time for the flash.ocx file that can tell me what revision they are running?

    Also, if you have any other ideas as to what could be causing the video to hang on some PCs, please let me know.

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    i had a simmilar experience

    maybe to much people at once were streaming the video

    that was my first thought
    because i knew many people were looking at it at that time

    and after that it never happened again

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    Not sure, but just to answer your question on how to know what version and revision your clients has is to use the getVersion function in flash and have the info displayed so clients could email you back with the info.

    not the best way to debug the situation, but there it is...

    Try if adding a preloader helps

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