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Thread: first flash site, critique me?

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    Alright. I've been reading posts almost everyday, checking out sites and the like. Finally I managed to get registered so I can put my imput as well. I've been working on a website with somewhat of a difficult theme. For those of you that play EverQuest...you will probably understand= ) I've only put a couple days work into it, but I have looked at the screen so long I can't tell if it's good or not. Let me know what it lacks, improvements I can make and such. Let me know what you like and what you don't like. Be honest. Pleeeease. This is my first real flash movie and I'm still having trouble getting the preloader to run, so I've taken it out for now. Takes a min to load, but please look at it and let me know. Thanks,


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    ok, its late here and im blonde ok lol


    also, if i clean out the library and free it of the clutter(things i decided not to use) will it lessen the load time?

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    Nice Start!

    May I ask what the site is for? Computer Game, Role Playing Game??

    You will want to put a rectangle in the "hit" area of your buttons - that way you can't click between the letters and get nothing

    Nice sounds as well.

    You may want to post this on the Site Check topic as well.

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    thank you

    it is for a roleplaying game online. Everquest...its an interactive game and many folks are addicted to it, i included lol we run a guild on there and this is our new site. do you think i need more movement? im just afraid of putting too much into it. i plan on making some sort of intro in flash and a history page somehow =) then it will have more movement. thanks for the suggestion i will do that.


    oh and do you know how to get one of those "video grabbers" so that i may incorporate video later on?

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