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Thread: Help with JS- JPG popup margin problem

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    Hi everyone,

    I"m doing a picture gallery, and I only loaded the thumbnails into the flash. Now this all may seem very simple for you and old question, but I've searched the whole network for it - and nothing.

    on every thumbnail I click, JS opens a new window with the JPG URL in it.

    The problem is that the window-picture has the default margin set - and I don't know how to tell JS to send leftmargin=0 or something likethat to the window that is opening the jpg.

    here's the getURL code:

    getURL("javascript:n_name=window.open('" + _root.website + "blablabla.jpg','','width=640,height=480');void(0) ;");

    the _root.website is the website name string variable.

    I thought about adding something like: n_name.document.body.style.margin='0px'

    but it didn't work.

    here's the website: http://www.psyzion.com/newsite.swf

    u need to open Parties -> then the first link -> then open the first thumbnail picture - look at the window that will open - the picture won't be in the center - although the window is the exact size of the picture. The margin is 15px.

    Please help me out here .

    PS: I"d like the window that was poped up - to close when I click anywhere inside it. That would be great if u help me too.

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    I don't understand,

    no one can help me on this one? even here? after I searched the whole internet for documentations about it ----

    Please guys - it's important .

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    hello, I recently was looking for the same thing.
    found this site :
    hope this helps you out.

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    That's a good example of what I'm trying to achieve,

    but this solution talks about HTML, and I need to send JavaScript commands from withing the getURL command - that will open a JPG without margin space.

    That's the problem.

    thanx for the answer anyhow matez.

    Does anyone here has a solution for this ?

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