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    The MAMMA of all prototypes is finished

    I have finally finished, after 5 days a code that dynamically creates everything to do with a gallery, and while there could
    be one or two extra tweeks put in, if you are going to use it you can do it yourself. It preloads thumbnails, determines if it
    needs a scroller, loads images, scales them to a box of your choosing, preloads the main images etc etc etc.
    (MX only)

    here is the code
    [EDIT] > I have moved the code to my forum so i can update this first post so when people read this thread they get a better idea of what it is about

    Here is the protogallery code
    here is the prototgallery demo file

    NOTE: The protogallery was my first major piece of programming in Flash, and from it I learnt alot. I know there are a lot of errors and bad coding techniques in the protogallery but hey, i was just a beginner

    If you read through the entire thread you will follow my progress and my learning. You will also come to learn about imageWeaver. imageWeaver is a gallery component with full user interface and reference panel documentation that aids in the setup of the gallery.

    CURRENT RELEASE : imageWeaver 2.0.1.b12

    enjoy it if you use it, it took a lot of blood sweat and tears
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