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    Im making a menu in SWiSH and had it so On Roll Over text would scale up by 10% and fade by 50%. I added a link with On Press to my site then published it. On Roll Over the text did like it was suppost to except the text wouldnt act like a link and I couldnt even press it. I deleted the On Roll Over stuff and had it just as a link and it worked. What was wrong?

    Also the way I did the On Roll Over stuff was by telling it to goto frame ### where there would be an action. However when you start running the movie you CANT On Roll Over until your movie has past the scene number at which the action is located. To make that clearer if I have "On Roll Over goto frame 150" I cant Roll over until frame 150.

    I think for the next "big" update it would be nice to be able to add On Roll Over stuff to your text in a different window/timeline then the text ONLY uses the action when its suppost to.

    BTW its a nice program and thanks for actually replying to our help needs
    (DAMN F'N MICROSOFT WONT REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Can you send the SWI to:


    and I'll take a look at it.

    Cheers, David.

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