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Thread: Mac crash, please help..

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    Flash Rice
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    Sep 2002
    I need your help with your Mac
    I have a client, he keeps telling me that the popup window make his computer crash, and also the close button on the new popup window.

    so with your help..
    can you go to http://www.ivankandi.com/concept/
    hit ENTER
    and then go to OUR WORK
    then go to CASE STUDIES
    click any of the case studies there.. [ie: THE LEARNING COMPANY]
    click on SAMPLE(s) [icon: glasses]
    click on ENLARGE

    does the popup window make your Mac crashed?

    if not then click the close button [on the new pop up window]
    does this one make your Mac crashed?

    also one more thing.. can you go to COLLATERAL [same under OUR WORK] then click on the bottom link.. it's a link to ADOBE.
    does this one make your Mac crashed?

    thank you so much for helpoing me.

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    juggernart me2222's Avatar
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    Jun 2000
    Hi there,
    no crash, no problem, everything works pretty well.

    I think it's your client's Mac.
    What OS are they running, what browser?
    When did they "clean" their Mac last time (with Norton Utilities or similar).

    Maybe a reinstall of the browser helps, or trashing the prefs, or deleting the cache file.

    nice work BTW


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    Flash Rice
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    Sep 2002
    thanks alot me2222
    I haven't asked him yet, actually I did, it was a long time ago.. I think 5.x or sumthin [IE]

    once again thanks alot

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    supervillain gerbick's Avatar
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    Jul 2000
    works here too in IE, no crash whatsoever.

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    Flash Rice
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    Sep 2002
    Hi there again gerbick

    thanks for your info..

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