So I found an interesting delema I would like some help in solving, and if anyone has an answer or if in fact there is an answer... Your a geniouse...

My Swf file is about 18 pxls high.
in it, is a dynamic menue that I would like as a drop down.
Now I know what your gonna say... We have 1,000,000,001 dropdowns anyone can do...

My delema is that I am confind to 18 High, by 500 Wide... I created it to display one line at a time, but thats pretty sad, and not usefull when you got 50 Items in your menu, and you gotta scroll 1 by one.

the easiest example is the drop down on http://www.dell.com
say your swf file is only as heigh as the initial box, but if you click on it, somehow a popup will appear and cover whatever is bellow... Even if it isnt in the swf.

Is there a way to controle a menue outside of flash, or like right on top of flash so that it can be controled by the swf file, and still be dynamic? Solely for choosing porposes? It would then have to change when you click on a new section of course..

Thanks in advance,
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