Well, after building my new computer i've had nothing but problems. Every time I install the video drivers for the video card (G-force 3ti) it will run for a few minutes and then lock up. Sometimes it will recover to a garbled screen that I can barely use and be in 16colors, and sometimes it just restarts itself.

I have looked in the system log and found that nv4_disp.dll is running an infinite loop about the time the machine locks up.

The system is:
Motheboard: Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra
Processor: Intel p4 2.0Ghz
Vid. Card: Xtasy G-Force 3ti
OS: Xp professional, SP1
Direct X v. 8.1

I have tried the latest drivers from Soyo, Nvidia, Microsoft, and just about anything else I can think of, but i'm stumped.

The computer runs fine until you install the drivers for the video card.
I've been racking my brain on this all night and most of yesterday and cant find a solution
does anybody have ANY suggestions at all?