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    We have succesfully got flash to interact with our SQL db ( I am quite proud to have eventually got this working after on off tinkering for 3 Months, dont give up).

    What i would like to do now is sen out a mail to 10 people ( flash embedded into the mail) somehow flash must dynamically have a id in it that must pulll the relevant information for this person out of the db.

    The part I do not have know how to do is to assign an id to the html/ flash mail file.

    Any help out there Please.


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    since it is possible that the movie daes not display in the mail, it is best to format the html with
    <embed src="http://yoursite.com/movie.swf?id=33">
    and corresponding <object> tag and have the text part of the mail suggest to open http://yoursite.com/movie.swf?id=33
    The movie would then loadvariables with the id value to retrieve database details

    Privacy problem: what happens if the recipient of that mail is curious about id=32 ?


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    the other one
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    Mar 2001
    Hi Musicman,
    I have a working version that parses a variable from html to my flash file via JavaScript, but after some tests have found out that the new MS security patch does not allow javascrips or other scripts to run without some user intervention 8-(.

    I am interested to pursue your suggestion.

    This may be a silly question but how do I get the flash file residing at http://yoursite.com/movie.swf to interpret the variable from the mail to draw in the appropriate data ???

    As for the privacy issue -: the identifier I would use is their email address, so it would be more difficult.

    Looking forward to any possible light you can throw on the subject.


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    Look at my post about the flash param, flashVars


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    the other one
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    Mar 2001

    Thank You

    Thanks all,

    I got it up and running.


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