Perhaps someone can help. Having never used a Mac computer before, I have been asked by a friend to help a diabled guy use a MSN Messenger and MSN Communities Chat Room on his Mac computer. It appears he has even less knowledge than me about his machine!

He uses AOL, it appears he is unable to do anything unless he is guided by AOL. For the moment, I'm concentrating MSN Messenger 2.1.

As I read through it appears MSN Messenger is not standalone and can only be used as part of Office. Is this the case? If so I'll give up now!

If not, I've got him to download Messenger. Normally if you send out an Invite the recipient receives the invite, accepts, you are then connected. He is receiving nothing!

Additinally MSN Messenger normally starts up when you connect to the Internet, you get a little green man icon in the bottom right system tray. Apparently there is nothing similar on his Mac. How do I know if it's started?

I tried to start Messenger myself and although I was lead to believe Windows copied Mac, I could'nt get him to show the Start pop up menu to to enable me to start Messenger.

I know all this is simple stuff, will some one tell me how to help him.