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Thread: XML Sockets or Comm. Server?

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    Thanks psychlonex.

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    okay, sorry if I'm straying a little off the original topic here (but it's related to what you just said)

    You're saying every one who connects needs a license, but this site ( http://www.datecam.com/index.php#Scene_1 ) is using FCS. How can they have a license for each person that connects?

    I'm not doubting you but why I'm asking is.... a company want to stream videos (stored on a server) in to a Flash application. These are not live streams at the mo - although they could be in the future.
    As far as I can see I'd need FCS to stream videos in to flash, yet they'd be talking about literally millions of people connecting, and would have no control over the frequency with which those people connect. Obviously individual licenses will mean the project just isn't viable in any way shape or form so I'm wondering how sites like datecam get around that.

    (plus the company want to use an X-server with Darwin streaming software on Mac because of other factors to do with streaming).

    I've come to such a dead end. Sorry to ask so many questions but this is the only forum I've found that gives any indication they know what they're talking about!

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    Everyone that connects doesn't need a license, you just need to have an open slot for each connected user.

    So I guess you buy either a 10pack of user-slots, or a 500pack of slots. You can buy as many of the 500's as you need. Yes, these are developer side licenses. One license = 500 users = $4500. So I imagine this is how dateCam does it. I'm guessing dateCam doesn't see over 500 users at any given time. The key is how many people will try to view your content at a given moment.

    You mention the darwin streaming server, aka quicktime streaming server. I don't really know the limitations with that, I tried using it a while back with no success and gave up . But I haven't seen any way to connect it to flash. A very simple approach would be to create an interface in flash, and then popup a new html window with the requested video, streamed via quicktime server?


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    Thanks again.
    Can't say what it'll be used for but your suggestions won't work in this scenario

    I need flashMX to use open standard connection protocols (ideally RTSP or PNA). Don't think it does though.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but...

    When you use XMLSocket you don't need to send xml, you can just send plain text. So if you are writing a chat app, or even a whiteboard app XMLSocket is the much cheaper way to go ( and you can easily set up a free socket server on your nice fast reliable Linux box )

    What interests me though is what is flash actually sending to the server when using video/mic, and is Flash comm actually doing anything other than re-routing the stream. If this is the case, surely a simple socket server could emulate this functionality.

    If this were the case it would be possible to confuse flash into thinking it was dealing with Flash Comm when it was actually dealing with a home grown perl script server or something.

    Has anyone experimented with this?? It didn't take long to emulate generator, how long will flash comm take?


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