i am developing a FCS application on media temple, but have very little documentation to work by. though i have made some progress through macromedia's component documentation--i am not getting adequate results.

some very simple FLAs of FCS componenets in action would really help me out.


here are two very basic experiments i've done (developed by instruction through the macromedia documentation):

works as described.

does not work as described. not able to log in.


in particular, i definitely need to establish the simpleConnect, a working video conference mechanism, and chat similar to media temple's demo:


can someone forward the demo FLAs that come with the FCS application? i downloaded the trial version of FCS onto a pC, but was unable to locate any sample FLA files. do they exist with the download? if so where?

any help or insights will be much appreciated.


miquael gaio



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