K making a "User Management" program to work with pseudo-database SO scripts...heh

so I was wondering how i can call the name of a variable in an object. I am making each user have their own SO slot, and in this slot is an object, in which i contain all the information/files/etc. for the user. However when I am getting the info from the SO and formatting it so that I can edit it, or even just read it, I can't understand how to get the varible names from within the Object...Any ideas?

client_nc.update = function()
	var output = new String();
	trace("Updating Server...");
	for (var i in db_so.data) {
		if (db_so.data[i] != null) {
			output += "Entry: "+i+newline+"\t\tUsername: "+db_so.data[i].nick+newline;
			for (var k in db_so.data[i]) {
				if (db_so.data[i][k] != "") {
					output += "\t\t\t\t| "+db_so.data[i][k]+newline;
	_root.server_db.text = output;