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Thread: Thinking of getting this app , is it reliable now ?

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    Hi Guys
    l have been useing Swish for about a 2yr now and like the program a lot , but as l want more from my projects these days in terms of action scripting , this is where Swish is falling down , ok having said that , my question regarding
    Flash Animator .

    Is the program stable , l tried an early version and remember it crashing a lot , how is now ?

    Is all of flash action scripting supported or just some ?

    Is the program easy to get your head around (Swish was a breeze ) l found Flash a nightmare to get into ,how is this app ?

    Im sure lots will say how much they like Flash Animator , but can you also say what you dont like about it !

    Thanks for any comments
    Regards Rod

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    I don't really like the cheesey icons that come with it, but hey I can ignore that. Honestly it's extremeley powerful, and new features are added regularly(remember free upgrades).

    As far as working with it, it all depends on what you're used to, it's not swish, don't expect it to be. It does things that swish simply cannot do(or at least couldn't even come close to the last time I tried it), plus it's based around timing rather than keyframes which for me makes it alot easier to "get your head around".

    As far as scripting goes, it's all there, but I'll let someone else go into more depth on that one. Suffice it to say, if you can imagine it then theres gotta be a way to do it.


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    You can do nearly everything that Flash's Actionscript does with 3dfa's javascript. And it's easier to understand if you, like me, do some javascript for your Dhtml pages.

    The program has become fairly stable now, I think the only reason that we suffer from occasional instability is that Rob adds features at an alarming rate. I think I've only had this program for what a year or something and we've come light years from v2.5 and I believe we are in for a treat in v4.0 (I've heard rumors)

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