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    hello everybody,

    how can i make a vibrating (up and down ) spring , with code only ????
    the strength of vibration also responses dynamically to the weight that is hanged in it
    HOW CAN I ???

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    elasticity tutorial: http://www.bit-101.com

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    there is actually a formula for the oscillation of wave. it takes in to account the spring constant, the weight, and stuff like that. as soon as i get ahold of my notebook from last semester ill put it up here...

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    thanks a lot all of u ,
    iam waiting minger

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    alright here is all the stuff that I have for oscillations.

    f = frequency - number of oscillations in unit time
    1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 oscillation/second
    T = Period - time for 1 oscillation
    T = 1/f
    The displacement or more or less the point at which the oscillation is at is:
    x(t) = x(m) * cos(wt + o)
    where x(m) = amplitude
    w = angular frequency = (k/m)^1/2
    k = spring constant
    t = time
    o = phase constant = just something to offset the wave, can just be set to zero
    Velocity: dx/dt or:
    v(t) = -w*x(m)*sin(wt + o)
    where all the variables are same as above
    Acceleration: dv/dt or:
    a(t) = -w^2 * x(m) * cos(wt + o) or:
    a(t) = -w^2 * x(t)
    where x(t) is the displacement as defined above
    In simple harmonic motion, the acceleration is proportional to the displacement, but opposite signs, and the 2 quantities are related by the square of the angular frequency.
    F = -(mw^2)x
    where m = mass and w = angular frequency and x = distance from the equilibrium
    T(period) can also be written as:
    T = 2pi * (m/k)^1/2

    there ya go, there is a crash course in simple harmonic motion. I was just gonna post the one equation, but i figured while i had dug the notebook out, i might as well put the other stuff on there too, maybe it will help someone else out.

    p.s. hope this helps

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