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Thread: Gurus! HELP!!! Please tell me this is possible!

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    I'm dynamically loading jpgs into Movieclips just fine. The problem is that I've put the MovieClip on the timeline and then it moves to some frames that don't contain those MovieClips and then it comes back to them. When it does, they've gone back to there original self...with no picture attached to them.

    Is there a way to dynamically load a jpg and make it stay on a movieclip and not leave? If the movieClip is on the stage or not or if I want to use it in one scene or another I want it to use a movieClip with that dynamic jpg loaded onto it. It keeps disappearing when a new keyframe for that Movieclip is created.

    Any ideas? This is really important!

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    a workaround could be this:
    when you goto another frame move the clip containing the .jpg outside the stage area

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    Or set _visible = false and then set _visible = true on return.

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