I have found that the sample applications (e.g. sample_videoconference) and applications that use the MM Communications Components do not unload from the Flash Server when they are closed, unless they are manually unloaded using the App Inspector (try it for your self).

If I shut down the PC, or restart the Server then of course they do unload.
I am using the developer install of Flash Com on the same PC that I am developing on (using local host).

Why are the applications not unloading? I was lead to believe that after a set ammount of time idle apps unloaded themselves.

Also does anyone know how to issue a command that unloads an application at runtime through AS (not just disconnecting a client). So a client could unload the server Application instance at the press of a button.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on these issues. Or if you can get the applications to unload let me know how.

Thanks in advance