ok guys, i've searched for 2 hours in this site and in flash but can't find a answer. i hope some of you can help with this. what i'm trying to do is very straight-forward:

- html page containing 2 tables, "table1" and "table2".

- each table contains a swf file, "swf1" and "swf2" respectively.

- "swf2" is set to stop initially, and i want to click on "swf1" so that "swf2" will start playing. how can i set the code in "swf1" so it sees "swf2" when placed in the same html page?

i've tried using the "loadmovie" command and tweaking with target and movie level settings, but they don't seem to work. i'm using dreamweaver mx, and tried labeling names to each of the swf files, and have the actual swf file call out that name. still to no avail.

can somebody please provide a sample code that enables one swf to detect and control another swf within the same html page? the two swfs are in the same directory.

MUCH THANKS in advance! *wipes sweat off forehead*