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Thread: Any ideas how to jazz this up a bit?

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    This is a site i made for a friend, its not really finished just something i made ages ago. Its a hybrid with flash and html.

    I like the blue parts (nicked from the mac background you might notice) but i think the large expanse of white is pretty dull.

    Was thinking of moving the nav to the left rather than the top to fill up some of that space, what do you think?

    Its a tricky situation cos my friend isn't paying me for this so i don't wanna spend too long doing it, but on the other hand i want it to look fairly decent so i can include it on my portfolio.

    At the moment i'm a little bit embarrased about putting my name to it.

    Any ideas to improve it, all feedback welcome, be as nasty as you like, i don't care!

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    In my Mind
    Need some sound

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    I recently learned that if you can't be proud to put your name on it, then it's probably not worth the time. If you don't want to do a good job for free, then either don't do it for free, or don't do it at all.

    However, in the spirit of site checks, here are my humble suggestions. First, make the buttons up top into movie clips and use some motion to offset the html. Sounds wouldn't be a bad idea, especially since it is just a menu, you could get some good ones and it wouldn't kill your file size. I dig the colors. But the vector background for the TV and remote just are not cool. Make a bitmap, and make it cool. Also, don't make the display go away when you take your mouse off the button.

    Hope it turns out well. Could you return the favor?


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    change the top logo. looks like you have screen dumped your mac desktop.

    do something with the background. try to improve the overall quality of the graphics i.e. tell, remote and buttons. yeah and add bit of sound.

    hope this has helped

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    Originally posted by leason
    I recently learned that if you can't be proud to put your name on it, then it's probably not worth the time.
    agree, 100%

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    sound definitely would help
    The nav, top right - add some motion to it, what leason said is spot on. Turn those buttons into movie clips and make it funky. Give users a reason to be curious about going deeper into the site.

    the home button on the remote doesn't do anything, add a feature to that.

    also, incorporate a background, whether it be jpeg's or vectors, get something to add a little warmth to all that white.


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