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Thread: "loadmovie" action is not working once swish movie is uploaded to the internet

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    Recently I have started using swish. I am getting problem with loadmovie action.I am placing both movies in one folder and I am just calling the 2nd movie by using the following syntax.

    loadmovie "barbar.swf" at level 10.

    It is working fine in my computer. But once if I upload both of them then it is not loading the second movie.

    one thing I observed here is - it is working on my system and it is taking load movie from following directory, instead of taking from the wed server.

    "C:\Documents and Settings\dmasanam\Recent\barbar.swf"

    You can take a look at it on the internet by following address.

    when I click on the button I should get the second movie "barbar.swf" on top of it.

    Both movies are in the same folder.so you can see the barbar.swf at the same address


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    the link is not working.
    my first guess is that your path is wrong.
    instead of putting C:\Documents and Settings\dmasanam\Recent\barbar.swf in your swi C:\Documents and Settings\dmasanam\Recent\barbar.swf put
    barbar.swf and upload both swf files to the same folder in your directory.

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    Hi jambu [/i]

    Thanks for the reply.
    You are right. That is exactly what I am doing here.But still I am not getting it.

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    Originally posted by rmasanam
    Hi rmasanam,

    Yes it probably as jambu says, the path is wrong.
    Instead of calling your swf on the server you are calling a swf on your computer. And that's why your site is dead when trying to open ti there is only the message;

    A Hotlinking Error Has Occured!

    Your host has detected a hotlink and they do not allow this on free hosting. The "hotlink" is probably that you call on a swf on your computor instead of on the server.

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    Hi Brynolf,

    I am sorry actually I have removed the files from that location that is why you are getting that problem.

    This time I am sending you the link where you can find my source files

    Please download files.zip from the above link.

    In this zip we have 2 source files and 2 swf files.

    To find out where i have used loadmovie in final.swi
    go to scene2->projectsprite->projects1->at frame 32
    then you can find out loadmovie action.

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    Now it is working. What am I doing wrong here is I am not exporting the swf file from swish.So, It is taking the file from a different directory.

    Thanks Brynolf,jambu

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