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Thread: geturl problem with XP

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    I have made a Flash projector that autoruns on CDROM.
    There are some buttons that link to movie clips using:

    on (release) {

    This works for most machines I have tested on (Win98, Win2K, WinXP).

    On one machine tho, it gives an error of:

    Cannot find file ..D|/video/movie.avi....

    this happens also to other links (eg. .jpg)

    But...if the CD contents are copied to the harddrive, it works fine.

    I'm thinking it could be an isolated problem (hopefully!), because it works fine for other XP systems.

    Any help/insight appreciated.

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    Sorry, can't help you, but I am having exactly the same problem, everything works on all the systems I have tested, but my client reports exactly your problem(using XP, IE6), combination that I have tested!

    Hope someone has an answer!


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    Over here there's a trick you can use (with one minor change) to get around this problem..

    drv = _url.substr(8,1);
    geturl(drv + ":\\video\\movie1.avi");

    drv is the drive letter of the CD or drive where the projector was started from, this lets you construct absolute paths to the location on the CD where the file lives.

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