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    Hi guys, (& girls of course...)

    Is that so hard to do: a Flash drawing board witch can store users drawings using PHP, CGI + generator or swift generator or watever else...

    I've posted two messages here and in other forums, ans no reply, no reply, no reply ... is there any taboo about this thing ??!!!

    If you don't know what i mean, just go here :
    or there: http://www.h69.net/katakana/katakana.htm

    thanks for your help and experience


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    I don't know the answer...

    But I have sent the creator a message via Email.

    The moment they shall get back to me - you'll know

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    Hi electrofrog,
    I took a look at http://www.h69.net/katakana/katakana.htm
    Pretty cool!

    Now think about whats happening:
    By mooving the mouse you draw instances of a symbol with different sizes, rotations, positions, alphas and colors.
    While drawing, the properties of each instance are stored in incrementing variables. Later you can save these variables with a cgi into a textfile. You can load this file and reconstruct the painting with it.

    Not so hard to figure out, but maybe a lot of actionscript work to do.

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    Well, i'm desprate !

    I' ve been working for 2 weeks on this board, and nothing runs correctly !

    Hey MasterShin ! Did you recieved an answer from the webmaster ?

    I thing this kind of FLA would be a great tutorial for FK !

    You're my last chance...
    Thank you so much for your help.


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    Hi aLL...

    Electrofrog, can you send me the fla of hkflash's guestbook ???


    my e mail is: mpak@thesmaug.com

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