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Thread: erm, anyone help with menus?

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    erm, anyone help with menus?

    Hi there people...

    This is my first post up here having only got into flash about a week ago or so....

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out..

    I have a web page I'm creating using Flash for a friends band. I have it laid out with a set of pop-up menus along the top (made using the pop-up tutorial on flashkit.com) and I want the buttons in the pop-up to influence the main timeline. How do I get them to reference back to the main timeline from themselves (if you see what i mean)?

    Basically what I want to do is have each button in the pop-up bring up a different piece of information on the "main" area... ie, the equivalent of a Go To and Stop(x) in the main timeline..

    Can anyone help? It's driving me pure nuts....



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    Try targeting the main timeline using a Tell Target. Put the following in your pop up menu movieclip:

    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    (your code goes here)
    End Tell Target

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