I don't know if this is the right forum! But I haven't found any that fits with my question.

It's a basic. But still I see high companies sites with this problem and I know there must be a solution.

I've got an example.
The image of the boy sleeping is tweened with an instance effect.

WHY??!! Why the hell does he do that. Why does the left side of the image move this way on the last frame. That's horrible.
Once I imported the bitmap, I broke it apart and made the graphic symbol. The bitmap is originally a PICT file compressed with JPEG. It' s masked by a vectorial bevelled rectangle but If I remove the mask nothing changes.
I put it in BEST quality in a html document and it still skips in that way!
The only way I've found to avoid this thing is changing the size of the Flash in the html document. Of course, this would ruin the sharpness of my graphic.

I wish someone knows how to fix this problem tormenting me since the day I imported my first bitmap in Flash.

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