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    I saw a demo where the input level of the mic was translated into various positions of a cartoon like mouth, thus roughly imitating the speaking pattern of the mic user.

    I have a need to do something like this with a cartoon character who is narrating some lessons for a textbook cd-rom I'm working on.

    Does anyone know of a way to trick flash or get it to read the "input" levels of say, and imported mp3 or wav?

    Can you route sound into the mic object and trick it into thinking its incoming audio and thus get the readings I'm looking for out of it?

    Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

    One idea was to maybe get another app to read the audio files and somehow save out the plot of volume data (say, 15 times a second) and sync that up with a stream of the audio I will be using. That way I could "fake" the sync.


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    This may be what you're looking for?

    Another way to do it (much better) is to use swift-mp3. It converts a given mp3 into an swf, complete with sound level variables. s1-s18 to be exact. You can then use these variables however you like. I think this is the swift site:


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