Sorry, but I`ve searched the board and have been unable to find a definitive solution to this...threads just tail off, or I just can`t adapt a solution, or else Musicman is just talking way over my head!

I just want to send variables to a PHP script from Flash MX input textfields, and then have them written to a text file for future retrieval by Flash. I`ve managed to a certain extent, so that file permissions, letting the server have time to process the data, and stuff like that, isn`t an issue, but I just can`t get the variables from Flash to PHP to Textfile. I`ve also noticed that syntax to perform these functions varies from one source to the next, e.g.


echo "Testing<br>";
//$comment = "This is a test\n";
$filename ="write2txt.txt";
$handle= fopen($filename,'a');
$current = getdate();
$current_date = $current["mday"] . "-" .
$current["mon"] . "-" . $current["year"];
fputs($handle, $current_date . " || " . $_POST['comment');


$fp = fopen("textfile.txt", "w");
fputs($fp, "your new text
goes all here");

...and more, so plethoras of Actionscript and PHP scripts. It`s easy when you know how!!! I`m going to buy a doorstop of a book on PHP and Flash when I have the money, but in the meantime, I`d appreciate an idiots guide to what-AS-goes-where, what-PHP-script is required. Just a basic tutorial (of which there appear to be none) would be great; someone to hold my hand. I have approximately no PHP experience, but learn stuff quickly enough. This, however, is doing my head in!

Thanks in advance...