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Thread: rollover menu help!!!

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    hello all
    i have made a horz. menu across my website and i have it so when you go over the text there is another box that will drop down with the links aright and i have the text on rollover so when the mouse goes over it the box with the links will go down

    i need to know how when u drop the box down you can put the mouse in the box and click links with out the box going away btw i have it on rollout it goes away you know what i mean ok thank you all who can help

    | MAIN ------------------------------------------------|
    |----------| <-----that is the box
    i have the text MAIN on a rollover action and that box drops down and that box has the links in it and whene i move the mouse down to the box it goes away i need it to stay so ppl can go in and click the links but when they move of the text "MAIN" or out of the box it goes away so they can rollover the other text in my horz meny hope that crappy digram helps

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    i guess no one knows ill give you a link for a example
    http://www.mtv.com on the top of this page is a menu a "rollover menu" and you can go into the box with the mouse and when you leave it goes away
    maybe this will help you
    thanks Aftermath

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    well anyways i see since
    no one knows how to do it i guess
    ill ask you something else is there
    a tutorial about rollover menus can you
    guys at least gimmie that if there is one

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    didn't look at the mtv site, but perhaps these files done by MinorUK help:

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    ok good
    thats what i want do you know where i can
    get the swis for them that would be great

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    Feb 2001
    Munich, Germany
    sorry, forgot to add the link for the swi:


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    ok now that helped kinda
    i need to know if there is any kind of tutorial or anything that can guide me through rollover menu's if anyone dont know what kind of menu im trying to do i left a web site link up a couple of post and at the top of the page is pretty much the kinda menu i want so if there is any tutorial about rollover menu plz tell me ............and is there sites for swish with them i know of http://www.swish-tutorials.com <------i know that one anymore

    thanks aftermath

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