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Thread: position of external swf

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    I need help with loading external movies to a certain y value.
    Action on first frame of movie one loads external .swf
    The size of the movie is 780 x 480.
    The position of the loaded movie needs to be at approx y value of 400 and not 0,0 like it does by default.

    How can i do this ? Is this difficult ?

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    load the movie to a blank MC with an instance name of "targetMC" (for example). you can then specify the y value of the target MC, which will be nothing but your external .swf.


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    Use an empty movie clip- create it and place it on your stage.

    on it, use onClipEvent(load){
    loadMovieNum ("name of your swf", level)

    (I think this is the right syntax?)

    Then you can play around and move the empty MC until it loads where you want it.

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