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Thread: Action Script behavior on iMac -(NEWBIE)

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    Hello everyone, please forgive me for posting in here I am just a newbie, but I did post my question in the newbie section and no one replied, so I thought I would try here:

    I am trying to understand why the Emptory-Load.fla mouse following script works on a PC in both Netscape and Explorer perfectly, however on an iMac neither Explorer or Netscape works as it ought! (a horisontal line meets a vertical line at the point of the mouse and follows the mouse about.) When the swf reaches the part where the action script :

    startDrag ("/crsInvi", true, 0, 100, 800, 355);

    is loaded rather than behaving as described above (lines following the mouse) it either results in the screen going blank, or the entire movie follows the mouse around, thus preventing you from using the site at all or clicking on any of the buttons. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know if you can detect if the OS is Mac and then not load the action script if it is?

    Yours Sincerely

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    This script should work fine on any platform with the flash player; make sure your player is up to date on the iMac.
    You can check your plugin version by typing about:plugins in Navigator, in IE go to the apple menu, choose about Internet Explorer and click the "support..." button.

    You also might want to try clearing the browsers's cache; open preferences and the option to clear the cache is in there. It's possible an older, not working version may still be being used, if you had tested that before.

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