i'm building a little scrolling text field that reads it's content via a JSP.

It receives html tags, <b></b><p></p> and the text, that's about it. The problem is the performance, it runs real slow except when i embed the font.

But when i embed the font. _sans or arial for example, only one of the 2 tag's content shows on the screen.
For example: if I set the textfield font to "_sans" and i embed the font, only the normal text will show. If I set the textfield's font to _sans Bold, it will only show the bold text.

Would there be a way to embed _sans ans _sans Bold caracter in this same textfield?

About the performance, i move my movieclip containing the textfield using this function:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (this._y+this._height<=142) {
this._y = this._y-1;

that must be it....


About the textfield... here is how i set the property for it.

icontent.autoSize = true;
icontent.html = true;
icontent.htmlText = _root.txt_XML;

Anyone has a clue?

Jonathan Richard