I have this main links and sublinks

Main Sublinks
A - [A1, A2, A3]
B - [B1, B2, B3]
F - [F1, F2, F3]

Load External Movies:
A - [A1, A2, A3] - loadMovie("a.swf", "_root.tmc");
B - [B1, B2, B3] - loadMovie("b.swf", "_root.tmc");

All I want is for the external movie to run the scene once.
Like for example I press (A1) link, then it will run (a.swf). Then I press (A2), I want (a.swf) to run continously not to be reloaded again by (A2). Same thing goes to all of the links

How can I do that?
Please Help...