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Thread: What Should I Buy?

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    See previous thread for more details,

    Should I buy,

    -Adobe Premier
    -Quicktime Pro
    -Ulead VideoStudio

    Something else? I need to take digitized hi-res, Quicktime files from my video guy and convert them to other formats for display on web sites.

    I'm not sure if WMV, MOV, or REAL are necessary formats. If I could convince my clients to allow us to put their videos into Flash MX that would be a great alternative to the other "standards".

    If I did go with Flash MX would I still need one of the previously mentioned programs to resize and output the video before bringing it into Flash MX?

    Finally, if I do use Flash and one of the programs mentioned, would I also need Squeeze or Flix?

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    I recommend Cleaner 5 http://www.discreet.com/products/cleaner/ , you'll be able to output to any format (.wmv, .rm. .mov, and all the mpeg's). You get an incredible amount of control over all your setting as well.

    You can use .mov or .avi (and others) to import into Flash using the native Spark (Sorenson) encoding inside of Flash - but for higher quality and more control over bandwidth settings and the advantage of 2 pass VBR settings you'll want to buy either Spark Pro (Sorenson MX) http://www.sorenson.com or Flix Pro http://www.wildform.com (they both support stitching).

    I find the best results using Cleaner to .mov - then using Sorenson Squeeze Pro or Flix to create my .swf's and .flv's.


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    Thanks so much for your advice on this and my other thread.

    So, to recap, once I get my videos digitized into a hi-res, full-screen Quicktime I can use Cleaner to scale the display size down to 320x240 (or smaller) and then output to all the video formats being used on the web?

    Sounds like I need Cleaner at a minimum to gain more control and reduce my costs from the video production company.

    My biggest headache lately has been getting poor encodes from the production company. I'm not sure its their fault since I don't know what to specify! With this solution I can do my own encodes until I (and my client) am happy.

    One final question, do you recommend Squeeze or Flix?

    Thanks again!

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    Sorry but I've got yet another question!

    Based on what I've explained, how should I ask the video company to give me the digitized files?

    I typically give them a Beta master tape and they return a CD. They are using an Avid deck (not that I know what that means!) Should I ask for Quicktime or is there another format that is better as a master?

    Is there any certain screen size I should require? I have assumed the bigger the better but as a practical matter I guess bigger will mean a lot more processing time using Cleaner.

    Finally, do I need to upgrade my system to use Cleaner? I have a Pentium 3 650MHz and the stock hard drive (not sure the size but I know its nothing special.)

    Thanks again.

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