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Thread: control mc with loaded variables?

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    I have a site where i have 18 mc, which build the background of a text field
    in one area of the site you can define the bgcolor of the mc with buttons. Theses simply say:
    on (release) {
    bg1 = "1";
    tellTarget ("_root.bg1") {
    2nd button says:

    on (release) {
    bg1 = "5";
    tellTarget ("_root.bg1") {

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    the bg1 variable is saved into a txt file, called horaires.txt
    _root.bg1 is the mc with 8 frames and every second frame the color changes.
    in another part i want to load the txt and i want the mcs to go to their frame, which was saved earlier

    frame action:
    loadVariablesNum("horaire.txt", 0);

    tellTarget ("_root.bg1") {



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    when i debug the movie the bg1 variables shows the correct framenumber but the bg1 mc does not do anything

    by the way i use gotoAndPlay which Expression


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    sorry for the multiples messages but i dont know why but i cant send any messages which are longer than the text input field


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    well your post is a bit hard to understand, but
    you can create text field with "textField" name and than
    loadVariables ("myText.txt", "textField");
    use that variable to control MC like value from text Field you have.

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