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Thread: Sitecheck - check out the REAL mixing deck

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    Sitecheck - check out the REAL mixing deck

    Hey people, this site is about to go live at www.djcharma.com, but just wanted to get some feedback.

    The content will be added later, and I still have the preloader trouble on the main site (this is due to the sounds associated with the decks having to be exported and therefore they are loaded before the preloader) - any suggestions on this issue are warmly received!

    Besides those issues though its ready! Have fun with it

    Here it is: http://www25.brinkster.com/jaygemson/djcharma
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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    The good

    It loaded quickly

    The bad

    Nothing loaded, instructions are not for those who had two tequila' [hic]

    The ugly

    The background pattern (not even lounge).
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    cool site.. and i kinda liked the background myself.. kind of a 70's diamond tuck feel to it

    it'd be cooler if you could do a little itchy scratchy on the turntables though

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    Thanks for the feedback. The design is much to personal opinion, so thats ok.

    Fixed the loading problem now, and the URL is registered. www.djcharma.com

    Have a look at the finished article!

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