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Thread: converting UTF-8 characters from xml file

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    I have a problem with a UTF-8 encoded xml file.

    In the xml file some characters like 'ae' (should be together) are shovn like this æ etc.

    I want to change that in some way maybe like this:

    data2 is an array with a lot of data, - the loop should run through data2 and correct the characters.

    for (f=0; f<data2.length; f++) {

    take data2[f] and see if there are some of the 'wrong' characters in it.

    correct data2[f]

    go on the next post


    Can somebody help me with this loop??

    Actually I thought that Flash MX was able to read UTF-8 without any problems :-(



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    Make the xml file UTF-16. Enter the ae as Alt 145. Problem solved. I had the same problem with Chinese characters.

    Hope I could help.

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    any idea how to save a .xml document on mac platform (OS 9x) so that the unicode characters work ?


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    Save as ANSI format.

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