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Thread: Deleting Shared Objects from server

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    Deleting Shared Objects from server

    I can update the object with the following code:[pictureID].title = "Updated Text";

    If I do any of the following the shared object gets corrupt and I can no longer add to it.[pictureID].title = null;

    or[pictureID] = null;



    Do I need to do this server-side in the main.asc and how would I do that??

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    I have been trying to go server-side as I can't seem to be able to do anything from the flash piece. I tried the following:

    in my flash:
    // removeNum = the ID of the object"delEntry", null, removeNum);

    main.asc code:

    Client.prototype.delEntry = function(removeNum)
    var slideId = this.entries_so.getProperty("removeNum")
    this.entries_so.setProperty("title"+slideId, null);

    This seems to do nothing. So now I am looking at SharedObject.purge. I am not sure if it will work as it looks like it might remove everything up to the ID number you specify. But I will let you know soon.

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    Hey -
    I haven't gotten a chance to mess around (haven't needed to delete anything yet!) but I found this article while poking around

    It's about local so's, but about 2 pages in it talks about the oddities of deleting things. I imagine most of the same applies to deleting remote so's as well.

    Hope it helps!


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