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    Comm server v's Shockwave Multiuser Server

    We will be getting Comm server shortly but have already started looking at using Director and Shockwave Multiuser server to develop chat and multiuser environments. Should we abandon this path and asume we will be using Comm server to handle our mult user apps?

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    I guess that would depend on how much you already have invested in director/mus, and whether or not flash has the juice you need to get what you want done.

    Honestly the one cool benefit I see for director is the 3d stuff. I haven't played with it at all since my mac was really too old to even view the 3d content. Now I'm on a shiny new mac... maybe I'll go download the trial this afternoon.

    Also, there's talk of a director xtra to load in mx movies that use the fcs, so you may be able to make some form of hybrid super environment.


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    director xtra to load in mx movies that use the fcs, so u could use realtime video and audio if you feel that u need it.
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