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    Hello All.
    I'm happy to announce the release of FlashProjector V2, the best SwfToExe Tool, here is a small list of the features available:


    FlashProjectorv2 Features

    Flash® MX and Flash® Player 8 Compatible

    Support Windows 95*/98*/ME*/2000/XP.

    Create Exe and Screen Savers.
    Convert Flash MX Swf Files to Exe Applications or screen savers. That are ready to run on any Windows System without installation or extra files.

    No Flash Plug-in or extra files needed.
    Fast, Small and Stable Engine, the smallest footprint on the market, a little over 700KB, and yes it Does NOT Require the Flash Player to be installed, and works on restricted windows system as well.

    Protect, Secure and encrypt your files.
    Never exposes your work to the user, The Flash Movie runs directly from memory, nothing is ever extracted, making hard for anyone to temper or peak at your code.

    100% Synchronized ActionScript with Scope Support.
    No fscommands, no Callbacks and no Crazy workarounds, FlashProjectorv2 provides code that is easy to develop, maintain and debug.

    Pixel perfect Transparency** and Windowless projectors.
    Create projectors that are 100% translucent, meaning your projector can take any shape anytime anywhere without any clipping, masking or any extra efforts. Design your Movie in flash import and select transparent, and that's it.

    Create Skinned applications.
    With FlashProjectorv2 you will be able to create Skinned application that have a distinctive look on all supported Windows Operating system, With over 70 skins to choose from we are sure you will find one that meets your needs.

    ActiveX Control Support.
    ActiveX Control Support like no other tool in the market, Virtually any ActiveX Control is supported and used like a standard Flash Object, no crazy script and no complicated processes, use ActiveX Controls like you would use any Flash Object, directly from ActionScript, thanks to our Synchronized Feature.

    Mouse and Keyboard control.
    Control the mouse like a standard Flash Object.
    1. Enable, Disable the mouse.
    2. Get the Position of the mouse anywhere on the screen.
    3. Set the Position of the mouse to any coordinates on the screen.
    4. Hide, Show the Mouse.
    5. Simulate Mouse clicks, Like press and release.
    6. Simulate the Mouse Wheel Scroll.
    7. React to the Mouse Events, in real time using standard Flash Actionscript. Available Events:
    onMouseEnter, onMouseLeave, onMouseMove, onRightMouseDown, onRightMouseUp, onWheelUp, onWheelDown.
    8. Disable Enable Keyboard input.

    Bind other Exe Application inside your Flash Projector window.
    Found nowhere but in FlashProjectorv2, Now you can Bind and control Other Windows Exe Applications, put them inside your Flash Projector window and custom their window style, by removing the Main menu, removing their caption bar, removing their border and many more...

    Expiration and Shareware Like Projectors.
    Create Shareware Like Projectors where they would expire and require passwords to unlock them, generate random and unique serial numbers for your users with ease.

    Pack Extra files inside the Projector with in memory load option.
    Add Extra files to your final Exe projector and load some of them directly from memory without ever extracting them. For example you can load FLV, SWF, XML and JPG directly from the internal package without ever exposing them to the user. Keeping your work protected at all times.

    Extended loadMovie Flash Class.
    Load .avi, .mpeg, .bmp into standard Flash Movie clips without any extra scripts. our script will automatically detect and load your content for you. just use the loadMovie action script with the file of your choice and it will be loaded for you whether it's a JPG or an AVI FlashProjectorv2 will load it.

    Screen Resolution Control.
    Automatically change the users screen resolution, to any desired resolution and refresh rate.

    System Events Support.
    React to system messages and events with standard Flash Functions. Events like:
    1. onUSBChange, onCDChange, onClose, onWindowsShutDown and many more....

    Load and call third party DLL's.
    Load and call third party DLL's functions and procedures, using simple ActionScript.

    Load DLL's Directly from memory.
    Include third party DLL's and call them directly from the internal package without ever extracting them to the users drive. All run from memory, keeping your files protected.

    System Tray Support.
    Create System Tray icons, add, remove menus and react to their clicks with ease, animate the system tray icon anytime trough simple and easy to use Actionscript commands.

    System Registry Support.
    Easily access the users System Registry, add, remove, keys and values. with onKeyChange Event support, that can call your function when the the key changes while your Projector is running.

    Files and Folders Support.
    Create, Delete, Rename Copy Move files and folders. get the files and folders size, check if a file or folder exists, list all files inside a folder, browse for files and folders and many more...

    System Messages and Clipboard support.
    Show Standard Windows Messages and access the users clipboard with ease.

    Customize the Projector's Window Style.
    Change the Projector's window, Maximize, Minimize, Restore, Move, Set on Top, Set on Bottom, Show, Hide and many more...

    Disable and Enable the Sound in Flash Movie.
    With one command you can turn On and OFF the sound in your Flash Movie.

    Change the Icon of the Projector.
    Now you can display your own icon in the final Projector. giving you that professionalism you deserve.

    Change the Version info of the Projector.
    Only FlashProjectorv2 allows you to customize the Version info with your own Company Name, Comments, E-mail and Web Site link.

    Disable the Mouse Right Click.
    Ever wanted to get rid of the Macromedia Flash Menu, when you right click with your mouse, well now you can, with the option to show your own Flash Menu instead.

    Close your Projector with Esc Key.
    Allow your users to close the Projector with the press of ESC Key or any hot key for that matter.

    Open Plug-in System.
    You want a feature we don't have, don't wait for us to add it, create your own ActiveX Control Plug-in with your favorite Programming language from VB, Delphi, C++ any language capable of making ActiveX Control can be used. WOW...

    Unicode Support.
    Create application that can be used in a Unicode environment, read and write to files and folders with foreign characters.

    Command line Parameters Support.
    Process and parse any command lines directly from your Projector.

    Flexible Layout in our Editor.
    Do you think our editor is too small, or don't like how we arrange things, well now with "Your Way Layout" you can redesign it to fit your needs.

    LoadMovie Support.
    Your FlashProjectorv2 files will react to loadMovie command like the standard Flash Projector exe do, no need to specify path or use any crazy work-around, works with .FLV, JPG, and Swf.

    State of the art online Help System.
    We have develop the easiest help system around, every command comes with an example that is ready for copy and paste. see live help

    Superb Support.
    Friendly and knowledgeable support, you got questions we have answers. Oh did I say FAST.

    Unbeatable price Tag.
    We have the most affordable third party projector tool in its class. only $159***
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