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Thread: Creating Transparency with JPG's in Flash (Masking?)

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    Creating Transparency with JPG's in Flash (Masking?)

    I have a JPG image that I want to place into Flash - The picture contains a picture of a BASKET on a WHITE BACKGROUND. My problem is that, all I want is the basket, and not the white background.

    Basically, I want to be able to place the basket image on a colored background - so that the white background of the JPG is transparent. (I've tried breaking the image apart and deleting the undesired white background, however this makes the final graphic looks like $#!+.)

    I believe that the key to this is using image masking, however I am not sure of what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    .:M.BURRELL // m5studios.com

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    Using a Mask


    You can do a couple different things...

    First, yes you could use a mask and if you go to the tutorials and search for MASK you will pull up a few different tutorials on how to do so.

    You will find they are quite easy once you go through one or two of the tutorials

    Second, you could try saving the file as a GIF with a transparent background and then import it into flash. It should keep its transparency when you import it.

    Hope that helps.

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    go to your image in the library and double click it. Highlight the image on-stage and press ctrl+b to break apart the image. Then, you can use the magic wand to select all the white area around the image and delete it.


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