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Thread: Radio Button Problem

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    Radio Button Problem

    Hello All:

    Ok, Here is my dilemma.

    I have created my first form in flash using the tutorial found here

    called "CGI Forms With Flash MX and UI Components Set #2"

    Everything is working great with the exception of a couple radio buttons I have used in the form.

    The problem is that I am not able to figure out how to pass the radio button values to the forms functions and this is of course causes the info not to show in the final email that is sent.

    There is to much to describe about the form in terms of the functions I am using so I have attached a copy of the FLA (zipped) with this post. If for some reason it did not attach here is a URL to download the FLA http://www.markchevrolet.com/contact2.zip

    If anyone can help me with that lil piece of the puzzle I would be in your debt.

    The Variable and Functions are listed on the first frame of the movie in there own layers, so you should be able to move your way around the file smoothly.

    Feel free to let me know if there is anything I could have done differently.

    I did make a few changes to the script, mainly in the error checking.

    You can email the fla back to me or just post it again. My email addy is plugin@electricharmony.com

    Thanks Much

    OK, I have a second question.

    My main movie is saved as Flash 5 however because I am using the
    UI Components Set #2 my form must be saved as version 6.

    I am using the loadMovie action to bring the form swf into the main movie.

    1. is this ok, can you mix versions??

    2. is there a way to detect the version of flash someone is running from with-in a movie. So that if a person still had version 5 and they were at the site and then they went to the form it would prompt them to now download version 6.

    Thanks sooooo much for your help!!

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